School of Colon Hydrotherapy

Warm Springs is the perfect place to begin your training as a colon hydrotherapist, and it is also a wonderful resource for all your continued education needs in this exciting, fast-growing field!

In addition to certification classes, Quinn also offers one-on-one consultation and training to assist you before during, or after you decide to begin your own colon hydrotherapy practice.

Quality—Warm Springs Wellness School for Colon Hydrotherapy is owned and operated by Quinn Raines, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor and Registered Nurse who has dedicated her life to safe, compassionate, clinically effective care.

Credentials—With more than a decade of experience as an RN and Clinical Supervisor in some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals Quinn subscribes to a balanced, responsible approach to health and wellness. The concepts taught at WSW are a blend of traditional and western methodology, providing our graduates with the essential advantages of competency, compassion, and excellence.

Professionalism—Warm Springs Wellness School for Colon Hydrotherapy strives to provide every student with the skills he or she will need to enter into the field of colon hydrotherapy as a practitioner, and as a business owner.

Environment—Our facility provides a beautiful and calming atmosphere, featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Warm Springs Wellness always limits the number of students in each class, guaranteeing personal attention and access to the instructor at all times.

Convenience—WSW offers one-stop learning for our students, with all your requirements made available less than one roof. We provide everything you need in a relaxed, positive setting!

Anatomy and Physiology requirement—We’ve got it! CPR requirement? We’ve got it! For your added convenience, WSW offers classes for all levels of I-ACT Certification monthly.

Transportation—If you’re fling into Nashville airport, we will arrange your transportation to Murfreesboro, free of charge.


Contact Quinn Raines R.N. directly at 615.426.0472 for training related questions and class schedule.

 Please Do not e-mail for school information.