Warm Springs Wellness Center has been serving the greater Nashville area since 2007.  The center is owned and operated by Quinn Raines.  Quinn is a Registered Nurse, Clinical Supervisor and Manager with more than a decade of critical care experience in some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals. She is also an I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Colon Hydrotherapy instructor. That experience provides her with a unique perspective on health and wellness.

But, Quinn’s medical knowledge is deepened and enriched by visits to a place known by the Creek and Iroquois for it’s healing waters.  Warm Springs, GA, is a little place with a big history.  In its naturally heated mineral springs, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought relief for his polio.  More than seven decades later, Quinn and her beloved son, Curt, found in Warm Springs a place of rest, hope and memories. Today, Warm Springs Wellness welcomes people from all backgrounds and beliefs for health enhancement through natural therapy.  The therapies we provide are the perfect complement to traditional medical approaches.

Warm Springs Wellness Center offers:  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)—Colon Hydrotherapy—Botox—All Natural Weight Loss—and Infrared Sauna:  Their science can be your serenity—a pathway to feeling, looking, and living healthier.  Warm Springs Wellness welcomes you to that journey.


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